Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankfulness isn't just feminine...

Machinery sounds fill the air as the printer processes,
marks ink to a blank page,
and out glides a completed paper.
Pages await to be folded into books of thanks.
Inspired by Ann Voskamp and her book One Thousand Gifts, this Sunday I will speak to my group of fellow youth about thankfulness.
As I folded feminine books for the group-
Little printed books with birds, eggs, nests, and graceful writing-
I realized that true thankfulness isn't just feminine,
it's masculine too.
This won't just be a heart sharing for the gals in the group, it is to the guys too.
Wholehearted, detailed, sincere thankfulness isn't just something for females to strive for.
Striving for truly thankful hearts is something for all.
This is a new realization to me.
Why have I been viewing thankfulness as feminine?
Isn't thankfulness masculine too?
That fire in the belly, passion, and strength- thankfulness can be strong.
I think of Daniel chapter six. How strong, passionate, and at the same time trusting Daniel must have been when in verse 10 of chapter 6 he gave thanks and continued praying even though the law had been passed that no one was to pray to anyone other than the king.
And, how incredible when we read in Mark 14:23 that Jesus gave thanks even as He showed His disciples the picture of what was going to happen to His body with the bread and the wine.
Thankfulness isn't just feminine.

With that on my mind off I went to design a masculine book of thanks. 
I’m a gal with a feminine eye, but I worked diligently to design a book with the guys in mind.
What would speak to their boy-men and young-men hearts?
What font and book cover might inspire them more than birds eggs and graceful writing?
(Not that birds eggs and graceful writing aren't inspiring to only females.)
I typed, edited, and played with designs.

Encouragement swelled inside me when my boy-man of a brother mentioned as he passed by,
“That looks cool!”
High praise from him.
How my heart filled with a satisfactory sigh.

This Sunday night I will speak with thankfulness in my heart and on my mind.

Have you ever thought of thankfulness as more feminine than masculine?



  1. sarah, this is such a great insight... i believe this is divine revelation. keep ministering... you have such a beautiful heart.

  2. Hello Emily!

    Thank you very much for leaving that comment.
    Your words were a much needed encouragement today.
    I’m taking time to absorb them.

    Many blessings,


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