Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Growing up one day at a time...

Hello everyone!

I hope you had another Magnificent Monday yesterday! Yesterday truly was a Magnificent Monday for my family and I because we celebrated my beautiful sister's birthday!!!! Hooray!

As part of this particular birthday my Sissy is now allowed to wear make-up if she wants to. It's hard to believe she's becoming so grown up! I teared up as I watched my Momma teach her about applying make-up and what each tool is used for. Our parents have always encouraged natural beauty and to be comfortable in our own skin. Once we reach a certain age our parents allow us the freedom to choose to wear make-up if we want to. I'm personally very grateful that they didn't allow us to wear make-up until we were older. It has given my sister and I time to grow, mature, figure out more of who we are, and even what our "style" is before playing with make-up.  Beauty is so much more than make-up and my Sissy is beautiful without it.
Now it is her turn though. It's her turn to learn what her "tastes" are in regards to make-up.  (Since I recently did an interview highlighting a young woman who had gone make-up free let me clarify- I don't believe make-up is evil. I do however believe that make-up can become unhealthy. So, I will encourage my sister to enjoy accenting her natural beauty, but also remind her that she is beautiful without any trace of make-up on her skin.)
It was a coming of age moment. A moment of choosing, of growing, of exploration. She's growing up.

As my Momma was getting the make-up out yesterday, I was a little bit emotional. (Okay, I might have been majorly fighting back tears...Is this really my baby sister putting on make-up???)
I asked Momma something along the lines of, "How did she grow up so fast?"
Momma smiled and said, "One day at a time."
How true that is. Sissy isn't done growing up, but growth happens one day at a time.

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Flickr: Link Happy birthday, Sissy! Thanks for bringing some extra golden sunshine into my life each time you smile.

Did you have a Magnificent Monday yesterday?
What have been some of the "coming of age" moments in your life?


P.S. When I went shopping for Sissy's birthday gifts I was able to go shopping at Wal-Mart for the first time in quite awhile. In the past six months I could probably count on one hand how many times I've walked around that big of a store. This may seem silly, but it's incredible the things in life you appreciate and miss once they are no longer easy to do. I truly appreciated that shopping trip.


  1. She is beautiful without makeup, but it sure does bring out her beautiful eyes! (:


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