Friday, August 5, 2011

Five minute Friday: Whole...

Today I am linking up to The Gypsy Mama. Every Friday she posts a prompt and for five minutes (only five minutes) she writes. Once the five minutes are up no editing or changes can be made. Well, I decided to link up and write my own five minute piece.

This weeks prompt is: Whole...


The first thing that came to my mind about whole was the two beautiful, yummy, and whole banana muffins I had for breakfast.
They were scrumptious.

After all, who wants a partial muffin?
I know that I don’t want anything less than the whole.
Which leads me to ponder…
Isn’t that what God wants?
He wants our whole heart.
Not half, not a quarter, not an eighth, but the whole of our hearts.
He longs for us to be whole in Him and trust Him with the whole of our lives.

Daddy God,
Help me be whole in You
And give my whole to You.


P.S. Thankfully unlike my longing to eat a whole muffin, God doesn't want to eat our hearts- He wants us to trust Him with them!



  1. So true! It can be so difficult to actually give Him our whole lives, but once we do, it's such a relief! And, yes, I'm also thankful that even though He wants our hearts, He doesn't eat them. ;)

  2. Nicely put. And I loved our PS. It made me smile.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  3. love it! and your muffins look sooo good!

  4. love it! and you're making me hungry lol

  5. Jennifer- Thank you for your comment! I very much so agree.

    Emily- Thank you! I'm glad it made you smile.
    You're very welcome!

    Charissa- Thank you!

    Shannon- Thank you! I may get the recipe from my sister and post it sometime. =) They were super yummy!


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