Thursday, August 11, 2011

A child at heart and teddy bears...

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It is remarkable how in the very moment of waking I can be inspired to write.
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A teddy bear found his way into my arms in the night.
He’s a little fellow with well loved fur, a red bandana around his neck, and Oshkosh for a name.
When I was young I imagined him married to a bear in a pale blue dress named White Bear.
In my little girl consideration I often thought with gleeful contentment, "They are meant together like two peas in a pod."
At some point in the tossing and turning of last night's aches Oshkosh slipped into my arms taking the plaid pillow's place.
I haven’t slept with that little bear in a long, long, long time.
In my restless sleep I must have needed some old-familiar, comforting, and friendly on which to cling.
In this morning of sunshine pouring into the window I woke with my scruffy pal in my arms.

I smiled.

A pitcher full of sweet memories of young childhood rushed over me.
He has always been a good little bear.

I’m not a little girl any more.
I’m old enough to vote, to drive (once I learn), to work, to do many things that are seen as momentous and coming of age.
Yet, there are aspects of me still being a child at heart-
The part of me that loves blowing bubbles.
The part of me that’s danced in a soft green backyard because I was in awe of the Daddy God beauty expressed in creation around me.
The part of me that can’t give away the dearest stuffed animal friends because they have so many memories clinging to their well loved fur.
And, the part of me that sought Oshkosh into my weary arms again last night.
As I write this and decide to post this, I’m okay with others knowing of how I’m still a bit of a child at heart.
I’m growing into more and more of a woman who loves her Daddy God, I’m learning, I'm serving, and I’m thinking. But, I think that there will always be aspects of the little girl I used to be mixed inside with the woman I'm becoming.
When was the last time you took the time to remember the small joys of being a young child?  



  1. Oh, I love this post.

    I still sleep with a small and very worn stuffed lamb named Lucy...even though I do have a husband to cuddle now. She has been mine since I was two days old, and has been with me everywhere. She has been lost twice, and been shipped back by loving hotel managers. She has been to nine countries with me, and has been loved to pieces literally about four times.

    I love this lamb, and I love that she is still a sweet reminder of my childhood. In fact, she is tucked under my arm while I write this comment.

    What a precious post. <3

  2. Aww ... what a sweet post ... love those sweet bears, looks like they have had a loving, well-cared for life!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  3. love this! each of us need to be reminded to be a little girl again. it's way more fun that way :)

  4. Rachel- Thank you!

    Aw…how precious! I’m so glad you’ve had kind hotels ship your little Lucy back to you!

    It made me smile when I read that she was tucked under your arm as you wrote that comment. =D

    I’m glad the post blessed you!

    Cat- Thank you so much for your kind comment!
    Yes, they’ve been very well loved and cared for since I was a little girl. (Lots of hugs and snuggles.)

    Shannon- Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! =)

  5. sarah friend, you are so lovely. and you're right, there will always be a part of us that remains child, and that part is what clings to Daddy God... i love this post, how you write, how you cling. xo

  6. Hello Emily, thank you very much for your kind comment!
    That is a beautiful way to put it, that it is the childlike faith and heart that clings to Him.
    I’m honored and glad that you love this post, how I write, and how I cling to Daddy God.

  7. I came across this post when I was looking to see if anyone had the same bear I had as a little girl. I just found my "Fuzzy" today, and he matches your Oshkosh! :)

    1. sweet!
      Your comment made me smile. =)
      I have many fond memories with my Oshkosh and I hope seeing this post helped you cherish many fond memories of your Fuzzy.


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