Thursday, August 4, 2011

A cause to help...

Would you like to help out an incredible cause?

There is a beautiful young lady by the name of Elaini who has been wearing one dress for 96 days so far.
Due to health issues she hasn't been able to do all that she dreams of doing, but her health issues haven't stopped her from dreaming big dreams! Her project over at her blog is to wear one dress for 100 days and raise $50,000 dollars for orphans.

She has four days left in the project and has raised $20,857.29! If 3,000 people each donated $10 the 50,000 dollars and a little bit extra would be raised.
Can you give $10? If you can this is a wonderful cause to donate to.

Watch this video recap of the first 91 days. =)

As someone who also has health issues that have changed my life and what I'm able to do, I'm extremely inspired by Elaini and her desire to dream big dreams and help others.


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