Friday, July 15, 2011

Five minute Friday: Loss...

Today I am linking up to The Gypsy Mama. Every Friday she posts a prompt and for five minutes (only five minutes) she writes. Once the five minutes are up no editing or changes can be made. Well, I decided to link up and write my own five minute piece.

This weeks prompt is: Loss...

Here I go…




There are many things in life that I have lost.
Key, wallets, purses, papers, notes, and such.
There are also more important things.
I lost my great Aunt when I was little. In fact, she left the room and her body as I was there.
There was the little stray and grey cat that stopped meeting me for our porch snuggles.
Then there was the pet fish that had lived 1 ½ years despite its unfortunate name being Float.
My two Grandfathers:
Grandad to cancer and Pepa to a old and ill body.

I will never forget the day I realized the undeniable loss that would come in the future.
I was young, no older than 9 and my Daddy was dropping my sister and I off to play with friends.
What brought it to my mind I don’t know, but that day in the car I realized that Daddy wasn’t immortal and someday he would die in this earthly life. My little girl heart broke and I cried my little heart out for the loss that someday in the future would undoubtedly come.

I mourned the future loss I could not stop. 

Today's post brought tears to my eyes as I relived the memories that I have shared.
This was one of those times that as soon as I read the word the words and memories just poured right out. Words can do that can't they? They can be instant triggers.

Though it may be painful, what does the word loss automatically trigger for you?


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