Friday, July 29, 2011

Five minute Friday: Still...

Today I am linking up to The Gypsy Mama. Every Friday she posts a prompt and for five minutes (only five minutes) she writes. Once the five minutes are up no editing or changes can be made. Well, I decided to link up and write my own five minute piece.

This weeks prompt is: Still...

Here I go...



Still was my body as I rode in the car.
In motion were my thoughts as I sat oh so still.
I took the time to be still.
To breathe-
There is beauty in the stillness and beauty in motion.
Both are needed.
If there was no stillness, I doubt that we would appreciate the motion.
If there was no motion we would all be stuck still as a statue.
There is a time for stillness.
A time to rest and to simply
I will take time to be still,
Time to rest,
And time to just be.


-I’m still and taking time to breathe.


Do you take time to be still?


A roller-coaster week and a few little lovelies...

Hello everyone!

It’s been a roller-coaster week.
Part of the not so wonderful part is that my dear Mema is in the hospital. 
She had her gallbladder removed today.

Last night my family and I went and visited her in the hospital. The procedure went smoothly and she is expected to recover well, but it is still unpleasant to see her in the hospital.
Mema also has fairly severe dementia.
She repeats her thoughts.
She startles with confusion in her hazel eyes every few minutes as she notices the wires and tape on her skin.
She knows not where she is or how long it has been since she arrived.
And yet,
She smiles,
She laughs,
And there was not a hint of anger or bitterness in her demeanor- for that I'm immensely thankful.
I love her.

In some ways, hospital visits make me feel like this…
Flickr: Link
-a little sad, a little gloomy, rather thoughtful, quiet, and contemplative. 

Even in the midst of feeling emotionally drained there is still loveliness, light, hope, and joy.

Want to see a few other little glimpses from my week?

I surprised my siblings with a little snack. Guess what was on the back???
Ta-da!!! I got a good laugh out of this "punny" marketing.
I found these little lovelies at the dollar store and they were creatively calling my name. Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link

I turned those little lovelies into two lovely bouquets. Here is the first bouquet. Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link
Flickr: Link
Here is the second lovely bouquet.

Flickr: Link

How has your week been?

Don't forget to take time to admire the little lovelies in life.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Double dose of 52 lists in 52 weeks: Week 7 and week 8…

Hello everyone!

Today I have a double dose of lists from the project 52 Lists in 52 Weeks.
The reason there is a double dose is because I didn’t get last week’s list finished.
But, never fear!!!! Both the lists are finally here!

I hope you enjoy them.

The prompts …

Week Seven: Things to do on a rainy day…
(I hope this list cools you off a bit during all the crazy summer heatwaves.)

Flickr: Link

Week Eight: Ways to be a good companion…
(I hope this list makes you smile.)

(Click on image to view it in larger form.) Flickr: Link 

How has your week been so far? 


Want to join in the list making fun? Go visit Get the Words Out!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Magnificent Monday in a very hot summer...

Hello everyone!

It's another Magnificent Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend.

The summer has been very hot and so I wanted to share a picture with you today. Last week this poor squirrel was so hot he was trying to find a cool place to rest. So, he ended up cooling off his belly on the cooler metal of the fence in the shade. I've never seen a squirrel so still. After that spot got too warm he left to find a new place to cool off. 
I hope that the picture makes you smile!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Five minute Friday: Full...

Today I am linking up to The Gypsy Mama. Every Friday she posts a prompt and for five minutes (only five minutes) she writes. Once the five minutes are up no editing or changes can be made. Well, I decided to link up and write my own five minute piece.

This weeks prompt is: Full...

Here I go...



Door opened,
Hugs were shared.
Their hearts were full;
Full of love.
Our conversation was full;
Full of joy, laughter, hope.
My glass was full with clear cold water and ice,
My belly full from the food that was prepared by loving hands,
My heart was full and overflowing with joy.

They were full of wisdom.
That beautiful couple that’s been united in marriage so many years.
Their heads are adorned with a crown of grey and yet they are so beautifully young at heart.
They are so full of wisdom.
I just want to sit in their home and be a young sponge that thoughtfully soaks up what they share, what they pray, how they act, and how they sway to the rhythm of God’s heart beat.

I am full of joy and memories.
I am full of thankfulness.
I am full, oh so full, and wonderfully blessed.


How full are you today?  


Monday, July 18, 2011

Magnificent Monday and critters...

Hello everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying another Magnificent Monday!
If I'm really honest it has been a bit of a difficult Monday for me.
I don't want to complain, so I will simply say I've been in bed most of the day and not feeling so great.
On Sunday I was blessed to share a new spoken word as part of the worship at church and then I attended youth group that evening. I'm learning that pretty much any time I go out and about a pay for it some with worse symptoms. But, I want to still live life, so I just have to live it differently and more carefully than others.

Today has been an easy going day. I've been resting, reading, journaling, and watching a bit of odds and ends. Currently I'm reading a book called The Help by Kathryn Stocket. It's been a wonderful book so far! I ordered the book from the library after hearing that a movie based on the book is coming out I believe this summer. I hope to see the movie, but I when I learned it was a book I thought I would read the book before seeing the movie.

Do you have any movies you are looking forward to seeing this summer?

Speaking of movies, my family and I recently went and saw Cars 2 with friends. (It was part of belated birthday celebrations for my youngest brother J.) It was my first time to actually go to the movies in a really long time. It was nice to be there and I enjoyed the movie! It made me laugh, smile, and I really did enjoy it.

Now, to the critters portion of this post!
I've been enjoying photographing my critters around the house as I use my new camera. So, I thought I would share some fun shots with all of you!

This picture was actually taken on my old camera. Isn't he a cutie???



There's that smile I love!

Contemplating trouble.

Sometimes she acts like royalty. =)

Sleepy. (And, probably ready for me to stop taking his picture.)

Last but not least...our guest critter a tiny baby gecko! Let me tell you they run fast, but I was able to snap this quick photo. =D

What are you looking forward to the rest of this week?


Friday, July 15, 2011

Five minute Friday: Loss...

Today I am linking up to The Gypsy Mama. Every Friday she posts a prompt and for five minutes (only five minutes) she writes. Once the five minutes are up no editing or changes can be made. Well, I decided to link up and write my own five minute piece.

This weeks prompt is: Loss...

Here I go…




There are many things in life that I have lost.
Key, wallets, purses, papers, notes, and such.
There are also more important things.
I lost my great Aunt when I was little. In fact, she left the room and her body as I was there.
There was the little stray and grey cat that stopped meeting me for our porch snuggles.
Then there was the pet fish that had lived 1 ½ years despite its unfortunate name being Float.
My two Grandfathers:
Grandad to cancer and Pepa to a old and ill body.

I will never forget the day I realized the undeniable loss that would come in the future.
I was young, no older than 9 and my Daddy was dropping my sister and I off to play with friends.
What brought it to my mind I don’t know, but that day in the car I realized that Daddy wasn’t immortal and someday he would die in this earthly life. My little girl heart broke and I cried my little heart out for the loss that someday in the future would undoubtedly come.

I mourned the future loss I could not stop. 

Today's post brought tears to my eyes as I relived the memories that I have shared.
This was one of those times that as soon as I read the word the words and memories just poured right out. Words can do that can't they? They can be instant triggers.

Though it may be painful, what does the word loss automatically trigger for you?


Monday, July 11, 2011

A Magnificent Monday, some exciting news, and a new list...

Hello everyone!

It is another Magnificent Monday!

I have a good bit to share with all of you today. Are you ready?

The first thing I have to share is a soon to be completed craft project. I think it is about time I share a craft with all of you. (Keep an eye out for his completion soon!)

Here is a sneak peak...

At first I was upset about his crooked muzzle. But, now I think it is giving him some added character. =)

The second thing I have to share is...I got a new camera!!!!! I'm extremely blessed to be the proud new owner of a Canon Rebel T2i!!! This is the biggest purchase I have ever made in my young life. But, I truly view it as a tool and investment for the future. (I'm very grateful for the generous money gifts that I received for my birthday that greatly attributed to my being able to purchase this camera.)

Here are a few of my very first pictures taken with my new camera! I hope you enjoy them!

Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link

If you can't tell, I'm very happy with my new camera!!! =D

Lastly, on a slightly more serious note I would like to share my 52 lists in 52 lists: Week 6 list.
The list for this week was definitely challenging and took a great deal of self-evaluation. (It also took honesty.)

This week's prompt was...

What are 10 things you want/need to let go of?

Flickr: Link
Do you have a list of ten things that you want/need to let go of? Want to share? Join in over at this blog!

I truly hope that you have had a Magnificent Monday! My Monday has been filled with resting, crocheting, reading, writing, and creativity.

What are you looking forward to this week?


Friday, July 8, 2011

5 minute Friday: Grateful...

Today I am linking up to The Gypsy Mama. Every Friday she posts a prompt and for five minutes (only five minutes) she writes. Once the five minutes are up no editing or changes can be made. Well, I decided to link up and write my own five minute piece.

This weeks prompt is: Grateful...

Here I go…


Yesterday I had a pretty bad CFS/FM crash. It was from overdoing in the area of mental exertion.
I have been trying to see how my mind handles a couple of school subjects. It’s funny how physical exertion and mental exertion aren’t equal. I have physically been able to go out and about for 3-4 hours at a time without pushing it too much. But, mental exertion of 60 minutes can cause me to be exhausted.

Yesterday  I was feeling down in the dumps for a bit about how bad I was feeling and how little school I am able to do. Then, in that gentle whisper Daddy God spoke reminded me,

I don’t have to do it all.
School does not have to define me.
I need to be grateful for how much I have improved instead of wishing for more to be able to do.
I’m truly grateful for the reminder that this “crash” has brought to me. 


What are you grateful for today?

P.S. I'm realizing that it is still so easy for me to go into what I call ‘Little-Miss-Overachiever’ mode. Over a year and a half of dealing with these health issues and I still go into that mode. Yet, in it all Daddy God is teaching me. He is teaching me to give myself permission to rest, to realize that I am more than good grades, activities, and achievements, and he is teaching me to be still and know that He is God.

A grateful heart is truly a more joyful heart. On days that I feel down one of the best things I have learned to do is write out a list of thanks. I'm truly grateful today.

Monday, July 4, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks- Week 5: A waiting list of books...

Tonight I am linking up to this Blog for the 52 Lists in 52 Weeks project.

The prompt for this weeks list was:

"A waiting list of books"

Here is what I came up with...

Flickr: Link

The books on my list are a mixture of books that I want to re-read and books that I have never read before. 
Do you have a list of books or pile of books waiting to be devoured by your mind?

I hope that everyone in the U.S.A. has had a great 4th of July!

P.S. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to share some fun news with all of you!

Friday, July 1, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Welcome...

Today I am linking up to The Gypsy Mama. Every Friday she posts a prompt and for five minutes (only five minutes) she writes. Once the five minutes are up no editing or changes can be made. Well, I decided to link up and write my own five minute piece.

Here I go...


The first thing I thought of when I read welcome was, “Welcome to my heart.”
In reality, this blog is really a little piece of me and I pour out little musings of my heart. I know that so far it hasn’t been supremely deep, but none the less, it is a beginning of blogger heart-pouring.

Words have always been heart pouring to this word girl that I am. (I think the PBS kids super-hero word girl is officially my favorite super hero!) I’ve always loved words. And, daily I pour out words from my heart. I write them in a journal to my Daddy God (I know He hears me), I write in a journal of odds and ends of life, I write on this blog, I even have a journal for my future husband (that is, if I’m one day blessed with marriage.) My heart pouring sometimes come out in poems, songs, or just plain words.

But, here I am writing a piece of me.

So, welcome to this blog and part of my heart.