Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A little simple secret...

Psst...Want to hear a secret? Albeit, it's not a supremely juicy one. Ready?

*Big breath*

I read children's books aloud to myself. There, I said it. I order them from the library for myself, purchase some of them for myself, and I read them aloud to (you guessed it) myself. Now, of course I love to share them with my youngest brother, with other kiddos that I know, and I even sometimes hold on to children's books with the possibility of my own future children (or nieces and nephews) one day enjoying them. But, I definitely love children's books

Today I was reading Mr. Putter and Tabby Bake the Cake written by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Arthur Howard. I was indeed reading it aloud to myself when the thought struck me-

"Why do I read books, poems, paragraphs, and such aloud to myself?"

I don't think it is because I like to hear my own voice. (Well, maybe I enjoy my voice a little...)
I believe I love reading aloud to myself because I love hearing the flow of the words. I also love the feel of forming the sounds and rhythms with my mouth, tongue, and all the other muscles and parts that release the sound of my voice to roll through the air. There is such a simple joy in rhythmic and gently flowing reading.
I also enjoy children's books because there is a simple beauty often found within their pages. In many ways, as a young child, you view the world with a different set of eyes. When I read sweet children's books I often feel as though I am glimpsing the world from a similar perspective as I did as a child. There is a simplistic beauty in that.

So, I will go on enjoying the simple beauty and feel of the sounds as they roll off of my tongue. I'll go on childlike adventures with my storybook friends and simply enjoy the happy escapades to my hearts content.

When was the last time you held a children's book in your hand?
A few children's books I'm looking forward to re-reading or reading for the first time.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A magnificent Monday and 52 lists in 52 weeks: week 4...

Wow! I have had an amazing weekend and a truly Magnificent Monday! I feel completely overwhelmed by the love and blessings that have been showered down on me this weekend and Monday. My family had organized a special belated birthday party for me and it was wonderful. I was able to see teachers, friends, and others that have majorly impacted my life in one way or another. I'm overwhelmed in the best way possible.

I thought I would share some creative shots of the cards that I received this weekend/past week.
Everyone blessed me with such pretty cards and sweet notes!

Tower of cards. Flickr:Link

If I had to select a favorite card, this would be one of them. Flickr: Link

The sweet and beautiful lady who picked it out for me called it my "glam up" card. Flickr: Link

I love that she calls it a "glam up card". I'm so blessed. Flickr: Link
The time I spent with family and friends was incredible. I savor every moment and memory from it.

The only down side to the busy Saturday was that as soon as I arrived home to rest I could tell my Fibromyalgia was flaring up. I was honestly in terrible pain that night and it was very uncomfortable! It's the sort of pain when you wish you could float and not be touching anything at all. The sort of pain that you don't want to even bump up against yourself or be touched. I ended up being crashed pretty bad all day Sunday too. But, do you know what?  It was totally worth it.

The love I felt, the encouragement I was given, the hugs I received, and the time with so many people I care about was totally worth. Do you know what is even crazier??? Friends and family were telling me that they were blessed by the day! They who hugged me, encouraged me, blessed me, and love me were telling me that I am an encouragement and inspiration. I am not sharing that to brag, because it was one of the most humbling experience of my life.

God has blessed me so much.I still feel overwhelmed in a wonderful way.

Now I will share my week 4 list from the project 52 Lists in 52 Weeks! It was rather comical that the prompt for this week's list is, "My Wish List." It is comical because after this weekend my "wish list" in regards to physical things is more than covered. So, this list was actually a bit challenging. But, I'm excited to say that I came up with a list and I'm highlighting one of my other favorite cards with the list. The card is the one that my Speech/Literature/Drama teacher (she wears many hats) gave me. She inspires me. I hope it makes you smile!

Flickr: 52 lists in 52 weeks: Week 4
My Monday has truly been magnificent. A simple day of resting, recovering, and then going out for a relaxing and yummy lunch with a friend.

How was your weekend?
I hope that you are having a truly Magnificent Monday!


Friday, June 24, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Wonder...

Today I am linking up to The Gypsy Mama. Every Friday she posts a prompt and for five minutes (only five minutes) she writes. Once the five minutes are up no editing or changes can be made. Well, I decided to link up and write my own five minute piece.

Here I go...


The very first thing that came to mind is the Dr. Seuss book Oh the Places You’ll Go.
In the book there is a waiting place. In a way, everyone who is in the waiting place is probably wondering. Wondering when it’s time to go, wondering when things will change, and wondering when the phone will finally ring.

I can identify with wondering and waiting. I’m wondering what the future holds. Of course, no human really knows what the future holds, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder.

There is another kind of wonder too. The wonder of being in awe. The wonder that comes when you see the intricacies of a butterfly’s wing, the wonder of a fresh new baby born, the wonder of all the colors that flowers can be, and the ultimate wonder of my Creator.

Do you wonder about the future?
Do you stand in wonder too?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks- Week 3: Things I learned from my Dad...

Today I am linking up to Get The Words Out and the 52 Lists in 52 Weeks project. 
My posting of this week's list is slightly belated. But, in this case I would say that it is better late than never.

This list is in celebration of my beloved Daddy. I love him so very much!

Link: Flickr

I hope that everyone is having a great week!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beads galore: a giveaway to share...

Do you like giveaways?
Do you like beads?
Do you like making jewelry?

If you said yes to any of the questions above then I encourage you to go visit this exciting blog entry!
It is truly a lovely giveaway hosted by Some Thing Unique By Lana!

I hope that you are having a splendid weekend!


Friday, June 17, 2011

5 minute Friday: Home...

Today I am linking up to The Gypsy Mama. Every Friday she posts a prompt and for five minutes (only five minutes) she writes. Once the five minutes are up no editing or changes can be made. Well, I decided to link up and write my own five minute piece.

So, here it goes...


Home is where the heart is. Or so the saying goes. I am realizing that my home is where my heart is.
My home is in my family’s house, at my church where my “extended family” is every Sunday, at the little bench where I’ve written so many poems, and there is a little bit of home in all the places that still hold a piece of my heart.

But, home is also somewhere that I can’t even imagine. There is an eternal home which the details of I can’t even fathom. Part of my heart is there, in heaven. There with the loved ones who’ve gone before me, there with the beauty and no sorrow, and ultimately there with my Creator. When my time on this earth is done, my home will be with Him.

So, home is where the heart is. Where does that have your home to be?


Monday, June 13, 2011

A magnificent Monday and a list of learning...

Today is another Magnificent Monday! I plan to take today to relax, clean a bit, and go out to lunch with a friend. As of yesterday it is also week two of 52 lists in 52 weeks. 

This week's prompt was to share a list of what you have learned from somewhere you have traveled. I chose to write about what I learned from South Africa. I don't think that it is possible to list everything I learned from that trip, but today I have listed my top four. (We also happen to have a lovely world map that I was able to photograph for today's list!) 

When I was 14 years old I was blessed to go on a trip to South Africa that truly changed my life.

Here is my list:

Flickr: Link

Have you learned interesting and impacting things from somewhere you have traveled to or been?

I truly hope that you are having another Magnificent Monday!


P.S. If you would like to join in the fun of 52 lists in 52 weeks feel free to visit this blog!
Happy list making!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks: Week 1...

Today I came across a fun group idea called 52 lists in 52 weeks!

I have always found odd enjoyment in list making and I thought this would be a fun group to join. So, each week I will be linking up to this blog and sharing a fun new list with you!

Week one is, "Today I will..."

Here is my photograph/list:
Flickr: Link

Crochet- Check! (Can you guess what I'm working on?)

Flickr: Link

Drink a cup of tea- Check!
A wonderful woman/leader in my life gave me this cup for my birthday one year. Part of the reason she chose it was because she said that the word inside the cup describes me well. I always think of her and her kindness when I drink from this cup. I'm thankful that God blessed me to know her, her husband, and her precious boys.

My very favorite teacup. Flickr: Link
Hug at least three people- Almost check! (I have a few more hugs to give before bed.)

Read an Amelia Bedelia book just for fun- Check!

By the way, while I was looking up a few books online I found out that there are now books about the young Amelia Bedelia. How wonderful! They are based off of the originals, but are written by a different author. I'm look forward to picking up a copy and seeing how they are
If you would like to take a look here is a link to one of them: Barnes and Noble- Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School

I hope you have enjoyed week one of 52 lists in 52 weeks!

Do you enjoy making lists?


Monday, June 6, 2011

The first magnificent Monday of June...

Flickr: Link
Hello everyone!

Today is another Magnificent Monday! My cowboy pal Woody offered to help greet you for this post. I hope all of you had a great weekend!

Last week was a pretty great week for me. I was blessed with the best sleep I have had in a long time. Hooray! When you have better sleep it is amazing how much better you feel.

This past week my family and I also celebrated my sweet Momma's birthday. Each member of the family was very creative this year so, I thought I would have a creative countdown of the most creative ideas!

Here are the top three:

3. My youngest brother J found a large present bag and filled it with tissue paper. When our Momma took all of the tissue paper out and realized there was nothing inside she curiously asked him why he had given her a bag of tissue paper. J smiled and told her that it was a bag full of love!  Isn't that sweet?

2. My sister D, my brother M, and J worked together and blew air into a large bunch of balloons. They put all of the balloons onto a blanket and asked Momma to sit down on the couch. Together they showered Momma in colorful balloons and said, "Happy birthday!"

Some of the balloons. Flickr: Link

1. The most creative birthday present for Momma came from my sister. D decided to create a spa day as a gift! She put together a basket filled with bottles of bubble bath, chocolate, candles, and even a spa menu. On Saturday Momma had a spa day at home with D. It was such a fun idea!

Here are a few pictures that I took of the lovely candle arrangement D did for Momma:

Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link

I truly hope that you are having a Magnificent Monday!

I'm looking forward to this new week and the crafting, reading, and cleaning opportunities it holds.
What are you looking forward to this week?


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A giveaway to share...

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute to share that over at Rinse. Repeat. a lovely giveaway is going on!

Bethany has a lot that she is celebrating and in the midst of it all was kind enough to decide to give away a $50 gift card to Anthropologie!

Here is the specific link to the giveaway:

Rinse. Repeat. - Birthday giveaway