Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Sweet wins and a poem...

Hello all!

Goodness me! I have a lot to share.

I’ve been blessed to win a few things in the blogging sphere.

The first win was by chance and the second win was by my skill with words.

The first contest was over at this lovely blog:
The Pretty Bee

I was very blessed to win a sweet and simple pair of earrings.

Flickr: Link
Enjoying the new little lovelies.

If you like them I would encourage you to visit their creator over at That Old Blue House to peruse the other little lovelies.
The second win was even more thrilling!

The contest was held by the kind and lovely Trish over at her blog: Trisha Brink Design

She had the wonderful idea to garner inspiration from her fellow bloggers. She takes splendid photographs and was seeking new inspiration and ideas for what to photograph this spring.
Well, if there is one thing you should know about me it is that I LOVE words and using them in creative ways. So, I wrote a little poem about photographing lovely things and scenes for spring. I am quite happy with how the poem turned out and it turned out that I wasn’t the only one happy with it. Trish absolutely rained sweet words of praise about it. I am so humbled by how much it blessed her.

I’m so honored to have been chosen as the winner and look forward to receiving my prize of four 5”x5” photographs from her shop! She is truly talented. I can’t wait for the photographs to arrive so that I may nestled them into and onto their new homes.

I hope all of you have had a blessed start to your week!

Please enjoy the poem! 

Spring Sweet Poetry
A photo of a butterfly drinking from a vibrant field of flowers,
A photo of green grass gracefully drizzled in a spring shower;
For spring is dripping in sweetness.

A picture of two song birds nestled in their love,
A picture of two blurred human love birds on a sun stroked stroll through an enchanted park;
For spring brings out the mating things and makes the heartbeats have drum rolls.

A captured moment of empty once filled eggshells in a nest now broken in hatched pieces,
A captured moment of a newly adopted fish, kitten, puppy or other pet;
For spring is about new beginnings.

A photograph of elegant books paired with flip-flops and a sunhat,
A photograph of a sundress hanging in a window as it mingles with the sunshine and the spring bright curtains;
For spring whispers of the coming summer.

A photo of a gardener’s spade beside a newly planted flower with fresh soil richly proclaiming its new transplanted presence to its current home,
A photo of strawberry shortcake on rose patterned plates,
A photo of vintage dancing shoes upon a lovely floor;
For spring is a celebration.

A picture of two twig-boats racing on their way upon a moving stream,
A picture of unopened love letters upon a dresser top,
And, a picture perfect passport holding tickets nestled with a large jar of coins beside the kitchen sink,
For spring is a time of anticipation.   



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