Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Raining Cats and a Dog...

It is another magnificent Monday! 

Today I was inspired by the recent rain we have had and the phrase, "It's raining cats and dogs!" 
So, I thought I would share about my cats and dog. =)

You have already met Juni, but here is another shot of his adorable self. 

Nap time.

 Next I would like to introduce you to Girly Girl.

Girly Girl.
The family that we adopted her from named her Girly Girl. They found her with her litter mates as a kitten. Someone had dumped Girly Girl and the other kittens into a box and then abandoned them at the park. She has blessed my life for many years. Before Girly Girl the only pets I had ever had were a beetle that I kept for a few days in a cleaned out two-liter in my backyard, a tarantula that my Dad and I found that I tried to convince my Momma to allow me to keep, and a fish that was a bribe to convince me to let the tarantula go. (By the way, it is great fun to catch flies and moths for a tarantula and then watch it enjoy them for a meal.) Girly Girl has truly been a wonderful critter companion. 
And last but not least is Annie! 

Smiling for the camera.

Annie is a mutt that we adopted from one of my Father’s coworkers. She was dumped out in the country and is precious. She can be stubborn, but I love her none the less.

Fun facts about my critters:

1.       He snores.
2.       He once slept curled up in our bathroom sink.
3.       His favorite toy is a long ribbon.

Girly Girl-
1.       She loves to sleep on jackets, blankets, bags and such that are colored close to or the same as her dark fur. (This can be rather dangerous when you almost set something on her because she is all curled up and camouflaged!)
2.       My Dad trained her to come when he whistles.
3.       When she was a young cat she used to play fetch with half of a plastic Easter egg.

1.       She LOVES to chase things.
2.       She hates the sound of bells.
3.       We (and her Vet) are pretty sure that she is part miniature Australian Shepherd and part Boarder Colly.

I hope that your Monday has been magnificent! 



  1. How funny that you posted this today...right this minute, my own 16-yr old son is working on a paper for his American Lit class on the origin of the phrase "raining cats and dogs"!! Seriously! I took him to the library this afternoon to find word origin books. What a coincidence.

    Sounds like you have a nice menagerie!


  2. That is too funny! I chuckled when I read your comment! That sounds like a very interesting report. I must say I've never known the origin of that phrase.

    I hope you and your family have had a good week!



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