Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The blogging adventure begins...

Hello blogging world!

I have decided to venture into the world of blogging. This will be a place where I share my odds and ends with crafts and pens. By that I mean that I will share my love and exploration of different crafts as well as my love of words and using pens. 

Blogging is a new adventure and I am ready to begin. 
Please be patient with me as a step into this blogging sphere.

So, here's to the start of a new adventure!


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  1. I like your wallpaper. It's very pretty:)

  2. Hi There, Just wanted to thank you for your lovely words and heartfelt comments over at my blog today. I am very much appreciative!!! :) Welcome to blogging....and many happy wishes for hours of enjoyment!

  3. Hello!

    You're very welcome! I hope my comments blessed and inspired you! I thought it was a splendid idea to garner inspiration from your readers and in turn to bestow some of your creative photos as a reward.

    Thank you! I am looking forward to enjoying the positive aspects of blogging. =D



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